12:51 (Lead)

Animated 12:51 (Lead) tab by The Strokes on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Apart from the intro the lead guitar consistently plays single note melodies throughout the song. As we saw in the Rhythm guitar ActionTab, the song is divided into a few simple sections. This is also true for the lead guitar melodies. There are only a few melodies, each one repeated throughout each different song section:

Intro - This is the only time the lead guitar plays chords. Start off with the high E minor twice (and hold) then the middle E major. Then alternate between C6 - E major with regular downstrokes. The rhythm guitar plays the same thing later in the song during the bridge.

Verse Melody - While the rhythm guitar plays, just repeat this simple melody twice.

Chorus Melody - The melody changes here. The main part of this melody uses 3 notes starting up at fret 12. Repeat this melody twice, but be aware there is a slightly different 'tail' at the end of each:

1st Tail - 2nd Tail (only the very last note of each tail is different)

Just repeat the whole lot again, with only 1 difference. The second half of the verse melody is slightly different here.

Bridge - The rhythm guitar plays the same C6 - E major chord sequence encountered originally during the intro here. Meanwhile the lead guitar plays this set of melodies, all centred around fret 12.

After that, everything else is just repeats of the earlier verse / chorus melodies until the end of the song.

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