Animated 12:51 tab by The Strokes on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This Strokes song uses very simple chord progressions for all the rhythm guitar parts. The most difficult thing about it is the speed. That always comes with practice, take it as slow as you need at first. Work on getting it tight and right before building the speed.

Verse - The rhythm guitar comes in after the intro (which is played on the lead guitar and shown in a separate ActionTab). It starts with the verse riff, which is nice and easy. Just cycle through these 4 powerchords:

E5 - A5 - F#5 - B5 (repeat)

The band plays using all downstrokes (8 per chord). You can use alternate (up / down) strokes if you find it easier to play it fast that way.

Chorus - Another powerchord progression, this time using 3 strings rather than 2 (this just gives a fuller powerchord):

E5 - C#5 - B5 (repeat)

The first time through they use slides between each chord. During later choruses there are fewer slides, although the chord progression remains the same.

Just repeat the verse / chorus sections again until the next new progression happens (the Bridge)...

Bridge - This is the same chords played originally by the lead guitar during the intro. Just repeat these 2 chords:

C6 - E major (repeat)

The song then ends with a last verse / chorus arrangement, with one final part to learn. It is a variation of the verse, and appears before the final chorus:

Verse variation - This is the same chords as all the earlier verses, except the powerchords are an octave higher:

E5 - A5 - F#5 - B5 (repeat)

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